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WIP (to be added)

Chibi headshot


Great for telegram stickers, discord emojis & twitch emotes.

Chibi half body


Great for telegram stickers & twitch emotes.

Silly Stuff


Chibi Full-body


Half body


Full-colour Icon


Chibi wiggle




Reference Sheet



  • full front body
  • partial back
  • 2 headshots
  • paw close up
  • maw close up
  • colour palette 

Additional options can be added upon request. Contact me for a free quote anytime.

More information regarding details of commissions.

  • Backgrounds are not included unless otherwise stated.
    The cost of a background is a scale of £2-35 as the level of detail can vary. Background such as a solid colour or gradient is free. Simple shapes can also be added upon request i.e. stars or circles.
  • There are also complexity fees that apply to character design and accessories.
  • Prices may vary but once quoted that price is valid for 3 weeks.