Elementor #669 – LilyFie

Commission Prices

Chibi head shot £5

Chibi Wiggle £10

Chibi Fullbody £7

Half body £7

Full-colour Icon £12

Fullbody £18

Terms of Service


General Information

I want us to enjoy working together to make your ideas into illustrations. Please never feel like you are giving me too much information or asking too many questions; it is helpful to make the piece you will love.

If there is a time crunch on your commission just let me know from the start (such as a birthday or anniversary) so I can decide if I can complete it in the needed time frame and if there would be a rush fee. I do not want to have to rush a piece and lower the quality.


I retain all copyright to work, I have the right to post, reproduce, copy, and distribute for promotional purposes. Full copyright can be purchased at an additional, negotiable cost.

You may make banners, avatars, and other web graphics out of the artwork you receive. (personal use)

You may edit the image if you are the purchaser but you must ask me first.
You may post the image you purchased anywhere as long as you credit back to me.


Payment through PayPal.

Payment and listed prices are in GBP(British Pound). PayPal will handle all conversions from other currencies.
The price of the commission will stay as-quoted even if I were to increase costs the week after you ordered, but only if I have quoted you a price. This quote is only valid for 3 months and then you will have to receive a new quote if you have not completed the order.

I reserve the right to cancel a commission and issue a refund, or decline any customer, at any time for any reason.

If for any reason I cannot complete your commission you will receive a refund.